Safety rules

24.06.2020 20:51

Safety rules

Below we have listed the most important things to consider when jumping on a trampoline:


Trampolines provide better bounce than normal garden trampolines. Make some jumps and feel like you're in control before you are trying out more advanced jumps.

Do not make any jumps that you are unsure of. It is yourself and no one else who decides this.

Jump barefoot or with socks. However, socks may be a bit slippery.


1. Jump one at the time.

Never jump into a trampoline where someone already is jumping.

It is absolutely forbidden to give each other bounce.

Never go under a trampoline


2. Do not jump into the foampit if anybody are there, in front of you.

Considder the landing in the foampit. Avoid landing on the head.

Feet, knee, butt or back is the best to land on.

Never land tucked. There is a risk to get a knee up in the face.

Hurry out of the foampit. Walk up the middle between the trampolines.


Jump with consideration for yourself and others.

All activity at BounceCamp is at your own risk!


All hoppning sker på eget ansvar!


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